When should I use a Foam Roller? 


Prior to Activity

Rolling prior to exercise can help to warm-up the tissue by improving blood flow and prepare the nervous system for activity.  Other benefits include:

  1. Increased blood flow
  2. Optimized length-tension relationship of muscle/tissue
  3. Improved mobility and movement efficiency
  4. Psychological warm up prior to activity



Post Activity

Foam rolling can also serve as a way for the body to cool down both physically and psychologically following exercise or activity.  By promoting circulation and flushing the tissue of metabolic waste following activity, this will significantly help to reduce the onset of muscle soreness.  Other benefits include:

  1. Flushing of tissue
  2. Improving elasticity of tissue
  3. Begin the recovery/healing process
  4. Slow the heart rate
  5. Psychological relaxation

Foam rolling both before and after activity have their benefits but it is largely based on the goals you have. If you are still unsure, try both and see how you feel.