Speed & Agility Training

Do you want to improve your speed, agility, and performance in a specific sport?  Or are you a weekend warrior that wants to improve your overall ability to compete?  At Meridian Physical Therapy, we use specific sport training and exercises designed to help you improve upon your weaknesses and help you reach your full potential.  If you have a body and you move, you are an athlete.

Just as important as training is, prevention of sports related injuries through developing proper body mechanics is also extremely important. You want to be able to perform your best and avoid an injury in the process. Many sports related injuries are due to lack of preparation and can be avoided. Here at Meridian Physical Therapy, we have had extensive training and we can assist you in developing a training program specifically designed to meet your goals. This will not only reduce your risk of injury but improve your speed, power, and agility, which will ultimately improve your overall performance. So whether you are preparing for an upcoming marathon, want to bulk up before football season, would like to increase your vertical leap to get more rebounds, or would just like to lose a few pounds; let our physical therapist set up the perfect training and injury prevention program just for you.

Unfortunately however, sports injuries do occur, and when they do, we’ve got you covered. We understand your competitive drive and your desire to get back to your activity or into the game as soon as possible. Our highly skilled physical therapist will provide you with evidence based treatment methods and exercise programs in a kind and compassionate environment, to promote the most rapid recovery possible and to prevent further injury. We will get you prepared for a prompt and safe return to your activity or sport.So stay active and keep playing at your highest level.  In the unfortunate circumstance that injury does occur, come see us right away so you can get back to the healthy/fit lifestyle you enjoy.